Affiliate Marketing Training

06/12/2011 02:00

The success of your online business will not lie solely in your ability to execute a well thought out business plan. Your reputation amongst the affiliate marketing community and efficient, productive use of your time will certainly also play a role in your success.  On the internet, WHAT YOU SAY becomes WHO YOU ARE! Your Credibility and efficient use of your time will, to a great extent, determine success with your online business.  Your time is irreplaceable. You can recover wasted money ... wasted time is lost forever.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at Affiliate Marketing Training. Probably THE biggest distraction during your 'Office Hours' is email. Even if you are just starting out, within a month, you can expect 150 - 200 emails waiting each morning. You literally are going to have more 'new best friends' than you know what to do with. It is important to establish quality relationships with other marketers; however, a few of these emails may be relevant to your current projects ... most probably are not. Keep Your Focus!  Here is how I prioritize my work session to ensure that my business building comes first.

   In order to stay focused on my current activity, I use 3 separate gmail accounts:  1. My primary business resources ... this includes my primary business and all of the programs that I am currently using to promote it ... ad tracking, list building, advertising (regarding current campaigns), autoresponder notifications, incoming direct prospect email, etc.  2. Newsletters, mini-courses, and those individuals that I have come to trust for quality information.  3. All general internet marketing material ... Free Ad Depot, Croc Ads, List Joe, etc.  NOTE: You can open more gmail acconts if you choose to pursue safelist marketing or other high volume programs.  Patience and consistency are valuable virtues for building your business. By focusing on completing your planned daily projects first, you are then free to move on to maintenance work and planning.  With all of the crackdowns by mail servers, gmail remains very marketer friendly and reliable, and you can open multiple accounts. Once again, you are wasting your valuable time if you can't send and receive email efficiently.

Sign up for gmail here  The Most Important Aspect of your online development is your 'Online Credibility'. I'm serious here ... read - that - again!  Remember, when you are online, unless you offer more information, you are faceless, ageless, and basically, anonymous. WHAT YOU SAY becomes WHO YOU ARE ... you MUST establish a level of trust.  It takes time to develop relationships online. If you try to reach for the 'brass ring' right out of the gate, you will simply turn prospective customers or business associates off. :You only need examine the relationships that you value in your own life. Are not these relationships built on a level of trust and knowledge that a person has your best interest in mind? Would you decide to purchase a particular product based on a magazine advertisement or the recommendation of a friend? Take the time to learn the basics, communicate effectively, always provide reliable, valuable information, and your relationships online will grow.  If you are just starting out, don't succumb to the 'but I don't have anything to say' syndrome. Go online and research your subject, then, you WILL have plenty to say, and, as you progress, you will develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate and gain people's trust. For more info, visit Affiliate Marketing Training.